Our areas of expertise:

Sustainable development

Training for companies and organizations on sustainable development. Implementation of the Olborg Obligations in the Municipalities, preparation of Sustainable Development Strategic Documents, social inclusion, education and information, sustainable consumption and green purchases

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consultation on the implementation of corporate social responsibility, organization of training for companies, preparation of reports.

Climate change

Assessment of Climate Change Impact on the Baltic Sea Region and Development of Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change, public education, awareness and information.

Sustainable energy

Public education and information on energy saving, renewable energy sources and other energy issues

Waste management

Analysis of waste management, preparation of municipal waste management rules, preparation of strategic documents on waste management, municipal waste monitoring, public education and information on communal and hazardous waste.

Environmental management in municipalities

Implementation of European Union environmental requirements in municipalities, strengthening of municipal capacity in the field of environmental protection, development of environmental strategies, programs and policies,  public education and information in the field of the environment protection.

Air and water protection and management

Education and awareness of the public about the causes of water, air pollution, preservation of the quality and safe use of water.