Our Environmental Policy

The activities of ECAT are based on the principles of sustainable development: we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, make economically beneficial decisions that are effective and conducive to both the employees and the public welfare.

From 2012 we have been members of the Global Compact (www.globalcompact.org) and as such, are committed to the principles of the Global Compact.

We strive to make our managerial decisions socially, economically and environmentally friendly and effective. This policy is implemented in all of our office based, and external client based activities and events.

We follow a strict principle of: Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle

 Product and service acquisition policy

Whenever possible, we use eco-labeled products. We encourage our suppliers to be responsible, and to apply the principles of sustainable development in their servicers and activities.


Our policy is to use where possible the most economical and environmentally friendly transport, and actively encourage the use of public transport. Whenever practical, we use video or audio conferencing to arrange meetings.